Frequent Questions


I get a lot of the same questions, so I’m going to list them here. If you have a question, just go to my YouTube Channel Discussion and post there. I read them all, but I may not reply as I’m very busy, but I’ll try to answer the questions in videos or on here.

1. Sensor Rattle / Lens Rattle:

I still don’t know what is causing the rattle exactly. All I can say for sure is that most of the time, if it’s a problem, it’s usually because it’s loud and can be annoying. But some people have reported that the sensor actually tracks movement when it shouldn’t. That’s what people are calling “sensor rattle”. You can test this by putting some tape over the sensor and then shake it. If you get movement on screen, something inside is moving when it shouldn’t be, or you did it wrong. I’m not an expert on this but I’ve tested a lot of mice and it’s a very rare issue.

2. What mouse should I get?

That’s personal preference. Use the Find-A-Mouse search on this website, check your hand size and grip style, then see what I’ve said about it, and what others have said. Hopefully from that you can decide what’s going to suit you best. But there is no “one size fits all” answer. That said, you can look at my Top 20 and see what I’ve recommended most, my personal Top 10 is also on that page.

3. What pad should I get?

If you’re using a laser mouse, get a hard pad, use 800 DPI. If you’re using an optical, most of the cloth pads are going to be good, just be aware that colored pads can cause problems on some. Check my mouse pad reviews, they’re in order from best to worse (my personal preference). Any of the top choices should be good.

4. Can you review “this” product?

Maybe. I take note of all the suggestions, but as I’m extremely busy, I’m getting a lot more picky with what I review. It also depends on what companies are willing to send to me. I will try though!

5. How come “that” mouse is so high up in the Top 20!?

Because the list is based on recommendations, not which mouse is the absolute best… which is down to personal preference anyway.

6. How many hours/frags do you have in Quake?

I first played Quake (on my own computer) in October 1998. I used to clock 10,000 minutes per month. Quake Live recently moved to Steam and since then, I have over 10,000 frags, but of course I don’t play anywhere near as much as I used to, especially since starting the Rocket Jump Ninja channel (too busy making videos, not enough time to game!). Given how long I’ve played, there’s no real way of tracking just how many frags I have, so the answer to this question is “I don’t know, a billion?”.

7. My left and right mouse buttons aren’t the same, is this normal?

Unfortunately, it’s quite common… they’re meant to be about the same, but a lot of mice aren’t exact. If you get one that is really different, I suggest getting a replacement. Otherwise, it’s just something we accept.

More questions coming soon!