Cooler Master MasterPulse Review

Cooler Master MasterPulse

With Bass FX Techology

About The Headset

  • Type: Entertainment (Fun Sound)
  • Comfort: Fine after hours of use
  • Mic: Internal, unfiltered
  • Weight: 372g without cable

  • Driver: 44mm / 1.73″
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Connection: 3.5mm jack

General Thoughts:

This headset is advertised to have the “Bass FX” technology, which basically means that the back panels can be removed and it increases the bass. The difference is quite obvious in real life, but unfortunately it can’t be heard too easily in the tests that I did in this video.

It seems to be Cooler Master’s entry level headset, as the next version has 7.1 surround sound mode (called the MasterPulse Pro).

You can get them from Amazon using these links:

MasterPulse Headset

MasterPulse Headset