Corsair Glaive

About The Mouse

  • Sensor: 3367 Optical (Extremely Good)
  • Weight: 120g Black | 127g Aluminum
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • Size: Large
  • Game Types: FPS, MOBA and RTS
Hand Size Guide

These are not exact measurements, only use them as a rough guide:

  • Palm Over 20cm / 7.9″
  • Claw Over 20cm / 7.9″
  • Fingertip Over 20cm / 7.9″

General Thoughts:

Corsair continue to impress me with their quality and it’s great that they’re finally giving us some standard shapes! Almost everything is right with this mouse… top optical sensor, great textures, comfortable shape, nice buttons, the right features and functionality, and even a modular thumb area. So why isn’t this a top 10 recommendation?

Two reasons… the side button area is kind of awkward (big gap between the thumb rest and the buttons) and the weight. If you like mice over 120g, then only the side buttons are an issue. However, I’ve made my channel and website based on what the majority of serious FPS and MOBA players want, and that’s mice under 100g. So don’t let that deter you. Everyone is different, if your preference is large mice with weight, then that’s great, get mice like these! But I can’t put it higher on the list because I need to stay consistent for the majority of my audience.

As I always say though, any of these mice could be your number 1. It’s all about finding the right mouse for you.

Anyway, I really like this mouse and it feels like the biggest mouse I’ve ever used (ignore the Naos, that’s cheating with finger rests). So if your hands are above say 22cm, this is most likely more comfortable than a DeathAdder and has very similar specs. Definitely check it out!

Glaive Black (120g)

Glaive Aluminum (127g)

Glaive Black (120g)

Glaive Aluminum (127g)

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