Corsair K65 RGB Rapidfire Review

Corsair K65 Rapidfire

Mechanical Keyboard

About Keyboard

  • Size: Compact
  • Lights: RGB
  • Media Keys: Function
  • Extras: USB Pass-Through

  • Switches: Cherry MX
  • Software: Yes
  • Board Design: Open
  • Ghosting / N-Key: Yes

General Thoughts:

Big fan of Corsair keyboards although I still don’t really see the advantage of the Cherry MX Speed switches. They’re good, but the difference is so slight I’m doubting anyone can legitimately find an advantage. I think it’s a placebo.

Anyway, the keyboard is great if you want a compact design with a palm rest, and it has the usual Corsair quality and software.

Corsair K65 Rapidfire

Corsair K65 Rapidfire