Corsair K70 RGB MK2 Low Profile Review

Corsair K70 Rapidfire and LUX

Mechanical Keyboard

About Keyboard

  • Size: Full
  • Lights: RGB
  • Media Keys: Dedicated
  • Extras: USB Pass-Through

  • Switches: Cherry MX Speed
  • Software: Yes
  • Board Design: Open
  • Ghosting / N-Key: Yes

General Thoughts:

I was getting a bit concerned with Corsair keyboards getting so loud, but that’s all changed with the new Low Profile, my current favourite keyboard to use. It has all the improvements I like on the Corsair keyboards, except the font. I still hope they return to the more professional looking font before they went “gamery” trying to let as much light through as possible.

Solid keyboard choice anyway, especially for streamers because even with Cherry MX Speed, they sound quiet. You can make them even quieter with O-Rings. My other complaint is the space bar has a bit of a rattle, otherwise really enjoyed typing on it.

Corsair K70 LP

Corsair K70 LP