Corsair VOID Review

Corsair VOID

Surround Sound Headset

About The Headset

  • Type: Entertainment (Fun Sound)
  • Comfort: Loose, good
  • Mic: Needs volume
  • Weight: 362g

  • Driver: 50mmm / 1.6″
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Connections: USB

General Thoughts:

Just a good, comfortable set of headphones with decent sound, but needs some correction. For the price range, they’re a fairly safe choice. I’ve enjoyed using them. The real question here is…

Wired or Wireless?

Because they’re so similar and I don’t mind a bit of delay from wireless (it’s very minor), I’d definitely buy the wireless. So if you can afford them, that’s my recommendation. You have to experience the freedom of a wireless set, it really is amazing. No more breaking cables when you get up. I’ve been using wireless headsets for over 6 years now and I refuse to go back, no matter how good the sound might be, I will always choose wireless.

Up to you, of course, everyone has their preferences. I’m just giving you a strong recommendation. Wireless ftw.

Corsair Void USB

Corsair Void Wireless

Corsair Void USB

Corsair Void Wireless