HyperX Pulsefire Core

About The Mouse

  • Sensor: Optical (Extremely Good)
  • Weight: 94g (some cable)
  • Buttons: –
  • Size: Medium
  • Game Types: FPS, MOBA and RTS
Hand Size Guide

These are not exact measurements, only use them as a rough guide:

  • Palm Under 18cm / 7.1″
  • Claw 17-21.5cm / 6.7-7.7″
  • Fingertip 17-21.5cm / 6.7-8.5″

General Thoughts:

For me, this is their best so far because the dimensions and weight suit me. Really happy to see improvements on all their mice. However, while this is meant to be cheaper, the build quality isn’t really exusable. Hopefully it’s just this copy. But already had a couple of reports of the same issues, so they might need to look at the buttons.

3327 optical sensor, seems really good, no tilt slam issue. It’s plastic all over (textured sides, smooth on top), under 95 grams and a great shape. Definitely worth a look, but I still prefer others like the Zowie S2 (my #1, obviously).

Update: Apparently it does have on board memory but the software is set up in a weird way. Usually I’d do a proper correction but the way they set it up doesn’t make sense to me. Drag drop? What? How about a button that says “Save to on board memory”, keep it really simple. Or how about whatever changes we make, once we hit apply, it does it automatically?

Mouse Sensor Testing Reference Video:


Pulsefire Core

Pulsefire Core

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