Logitech G403 Review

About The Mouse

  • Sensor: 3366 Optical (Extremely Good)
  • Weight: 90g wired, 106g wireless
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • Size: Large
  • Game Types: FPS, MOBA and RTS
Hand Size Guide

These are not exact measurements, only use them as a rough guide:

  • Palm 16.5-20cm / 6.5-7.9″
  • Claw 17-20.5cm / 6.7-8.1″
  • Fingertip 18-22cm / 7.1-8.7″

Review for Wired and Wireless versions

General Thoughts:

Logitech is really raising the bar with their latest generation of mice. Given the specs, this is close to perfect, so really your choice is going to be based on things like hand size, preferred shape and grip, and price.

Size wise, it’s closer to the Zowie EC1-A, 6cm at the fingers and about 10.2cm base length, so it’s a bit like a straight-edge DeathAdder, but personally I’d say more comfortable. Probably best suited to people with 19cm / 7.5 inch hands, all grips.

Wired Or Wireless?

Logitech’s wireless gaming technology is amazing; really can’t tell if there’s a delay or not, and I’m happy to use it in competitive games.

Which to choose? It’s up to you which is worse, cable drag or extra weight? If cable drag is worse, get the wireless. If heavier weight is worse, get the wired. Speaking of weight, they both have an extra 10g weight if you want it; good for people who like heavier mice.

Overall Quality

Seems good so far. I can’t comment on durability because it’s too new.

As with all mice, there are some build quality concerns, you can always return it if necessary. The only problem for mine is the wired version has a loose scroll, but the wireless doesn’t. According to reports, it’s common on the wired versions, so do some research, see what others are saying.

Update: I’ve tried 2 new wired copies now and neither have a loose scroll. According to Logitech, it was just some of the early batch, but it should be fine on all new copies. From the reports I’ve received, no one has had a scroll wheel issue since the early batch.

To conclude, definitely a top mouse and worth your attention. I’d say I’ll be recommending these a lot, until the competition catches up anyway. Until then, the G403 is awesome, good for MOBA, RTS and FPS.

G403 Wired

G403 Wireless

G403 Wired

G403 Wireless

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