Choosing the right gaming monitor

I’m still testing monitors but there are some things I’ve learned that should help. Generally, once you get a list of the right gaming monitors, it’s going to be down to size, refresh rate, features and price.

If you don’t play first person shooters, you don’t need 240Hz. If you can’t get 240FPS in your chosen game, you probably don’t need 240Hz… yet. Also, 240Hz isn’t necessarily going to help you play better. Here’s a video of me playing at 60Hz: But if you want to future proof your monitor (for when you upgrade and can get 240FPS) or you want the smoothest possible game play at the moment, then the 240Hz screens are amazing and highly recommended.

Next, the size debate… 27″ or 24″? A lot of gamers go for 24″, obviously price is a factor, but some say they play better on 24″. After using both a lot… I have to disagree. I much prefer 27″. And think about it… if it’s too big, you could just sit further back from the screen.

Price is up to you, of course. But also look at features like USB ports, adjustable stands, image quality and viewing angles.

My reviews and recommendations

I’ll add the review links once I create the pages – this is still a new page, and I still have a lot of videos to make. I try to get to the website when I can. You can search my channel for the above though!

The above list is in order of my preference, but I have different reasons for putting them this way. For example, the XL2730 is higher than the XG2703 because it’s cheaper… but the XL2735 is about the same price as the XG2703 at the time I made this list, so I’d rather go for the IPS-Type panel in the XG2703-GS (better viewing angles, and it has G-Sync, just the response time isn’t as good… not that important though). I always recommend you find what’s going to suit you. What I would buy and what is going to suit you is not the same. There will be different prices in different countries too, so find the cheapest, best monitor for you.

Special mention – ViewSonic VX4380-4K for PlayStation 4 Pro and Graphic Design/Video Editing (10bit 43″ 4K IPS): Review Link

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