Ninox Venator Review

About The Mouse

  • Sensor: 3360 Optical (Extremely Good)
  • Weight: 79g
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • Size: Small-Medium
  • Game Types: FPS, MOBA and RTS
Hand Size Guide

These are not exact measurements, only use them as a rough guide:

  • Palm Under 18.5cm / 7.28″
  • Claw 15-19.5cm / 5.9-7.67″
  • Fingertip 17-20cm / 6.69-7.87″

General Thoughts:

Small to medium mouse with a great shape, top sensor, light weight and responsive buttons… but the build quality is lacking. This could easily be a top mouse but it’s not quite there yet, hopefully once the black version is released the issues will be resolved.

Should you buy it? That depends if you think you can handle the quality control issues. If the answer is yes and it suits your hand size, then absolutely! But if not… then no.

I love a lot of things about it but that build quality really does bother me. As explained in the video, be patient, this is a normal process for making products, especially for small companies, so give them time and maybe check back later for updates.

Here are the links I mentioned for the updates:

Ninox Venator

Ninox Venator

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