Nixeus Revel Review

About The Mouse

  • Sensor: 3360 Optical (Extremely Good)
  • Weight: 85g without cable
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • Size: Medium
  • Game Types: FPS, MOBA & RTS
Hand Size Guide

These are not exact measurements, only use them as a rough guide:

  • Palm – 14-17cm / 5.5-6.7″
  • Claw – 15-19cm / 5.9-7.5″
  • Fingertip – 18-19.5cm / 7.1-7.7″

General Thoughts:

Good cheap mouse with great specs, no software and it performs well. I was a bit worried about the build quality issues people were talking about, but now that I’ve tested one, I’m happy for this to be a top recommendation. Plus I heard their support has been really good, so even if you do get a dud, you should be able to replace it.

Two issues that I didn’t mention in the review (because they might just be on mine):

1. If the mouse isn’t used for a few minutes, it seems to turn the sensor off. It then takes a second for it to start tracking again. It’s like it’s a wireless mouse going on stand by. Never happened in game or in use, just when not using it. Let me know if yours does this too!

2. I think the DPI steps might be out… I couldn’t confirm it 100%, but when measuring out the 360, for a 25cm/360 on other mice, it was doing 22cm/360.

Just a note: No software means you can’t alter what the buttons do (side buttons are default forward and back in browsing), can’t turn off the LEDs or change what colour each DPI step uses.

Nixeus Revel

Nixeus Revel

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