Rapoo V900 Review

About The Mouse:

Wow, what a shame. The curves on the buttons are so good. The scroll wheel is great but a bit thin. The lights look awesome. The back logo is a bit scratchy, but the materials on the rest of the mouse are outstanding. So why the low rating? Sensor lag and heavy. I tested 2 of these and both had the same issue. No support from Rapoo. I really hope they revisit this mouse and make some corrections (shape too, hour glass is a bad idea), because it could be amazing. But, do not go near it for now. Ignore the rest of the reviews, they’re wrong. This is not a mouse for gamers.

LIKE: Textures and materials, wow. The curves in the buttons. The scroll wheel.

DISLIKE: Too heavy, awkward shape and worst of all … SENSOR LAG!

Conclusion: I am really liking the direction Rapoo are going and this mouse could’ve been great, but instead it’s terrible.

Quick Specs

  • Sensor: Laser, has lag
  • Size: 124x69x40mm
  • Weight: 150g (with cable)
  • DPI: 50 – 8200
  • Buttons: 7 (inc. underneath)