Razer Abyssus 2014 Review

About The Mouse:

No frills mouse with random sensor issues (can spin out, especially on Razer Goliathus Speed). It’s a good mouse for what it is, but the sensor problems really hurt it. I don’t trust it. People say to use it without Synapse, but I did and it still had issues. I’ve found it rarely spins out on a Roccat Taito pad. So proceed with caution when buying this, check out some other reviews.

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LIKE: Just a straight forward, comfortable, good small mouse.

DISLIKE: The random sensor issues on Goliathus Pads. I also like having extra buttons, which this does not.

Conclusion: Really good small mouse with no side buttons, but sensor issues can make it unusable.

Quick Specs

  • Sensor: S3888 (Optical)
  • Size: 117x64x38mm
  • Grip Width: 5.5cm
  • Weight: 80g (without cable)
  • DPI: 100 – 3500
  • Buttons: 3 (inc. Scroll Wheel)

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