Razer BlackWidow Chroma Review

Razer BlackWidow Chroma

Mechanical Keyboard

About Keyboard

  • Size: Full + Extra Keys
  • Lights: RGB
  • Media Keys: Function Key
  • Extras: 6 Extra

  • Switches: Razer
  • Software: Yes
  • Board Design: Closed
  • Ghosting / N-Key: Enough

General Thoughts:

Still one of the most popular mechanical keyboards, especially for gamers and despite the bad reputation, I still really enjoy using BlackWidow Chroma keyboards. They’ve updated the Razer Green switch to be more like Cherry MX Blue now but I prefer the ones on this keyboard (the previous version, not the V2). Whether that’s good or not is up to you. Might be better quality now but I preferred the deeper tones of the clicks on the previous ones.

I wish they would add dedicated media keys.

V2 Green Switch

V2 Green Switch