Razer ManO’War Review

Razer ManO’War

Wireless Surround Sound Headset

About The Headset

  • Type: Entertainment (Fun Sound)
  • Comfort: I wear them all day
  • Mic: Great filters!
  • Weight: 376g

  • Driver: 50mmm / 1.6″
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Connection: Wireless

General Thoughts:

Update: The little plastic bits connected to the padded part of the headband broke after 3 months of general use, exactly where I was worried that they would break (mentioned in the video). I’m going to continue using the headset anyway, because I really enjoy the sound and the microphone, but wanted to let everyone know that this can happen. If it does happen, please contact Razer or your local retailer for support. Also, apparently I have a set from the early batch. The newer batch are meant to have thicker supports. Still a design flaw that I think needs to be addressed though.

This is a headset I use personally, even as I type this. Here’s the thing… for a gaming headset, I want a fun sound with a heavily filtered microphone, and of course no discomfort. I wear these all day every day and while editing. The sound is actually fairly accurate, but it has bass I can feel when I get the right song. That’s with the bass boost. The 7.1 is a nice touch too. For entertainment, I think these sound great.

And the microphone is the best. Why? Because it filters out most mouth sounds and background noise, and it has a limiter to stop spiking. This is what I want from a microphone! I don’t need studio quality. I need something I can use to talk to friends, with plenty of volume and no annoying noises. Just my voice, clear and easy. Great.

I really hope Razer improve the quality by relying less on plastic and change the headband. The headband is the biggest con for these… it can be uncomfortable and it creaks and cracks. I’ve also heard of them breaking. Mine has been fine though, use it every day and love it. So with improved quality, this could easily be my perfect headset. Good wireless range too! I can never go back to wired headsets, they’re too limiting. Wireless freedom is awesome. Warning: These can fall off your head if you look down or up. Hasn’t happened yet.

Doesn’t matter, still great and my top recommendation for gaming (September 2016, may change when something better comes out).

Razer ManO’War Headset

Razer ManO’War Headset