Roccat Kone Pure Review

What you need to know:

The laser sensor version is actually quite good and has some very smooth materials. The Military versions have a better sensor, a hard plastic on top (still rubberized sides) but I’m not a big fan of the colours. Very well built mice although some have a rattle. They have high quality feet and scroll, enjoy using them. The problem? The shape is going to be awkward for a lot of people. I’d probably recommend these for small to medium hands, claw grip and most games.

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LIKE: Build quality, shape, look, clicks, scroll, buttons, feet and more.

DISLIKE: Not much to dislike, just shape can be an issue.

Conclusion: If this suits you and you can afford it (or if you find one cheap), definitely consider getting one. Really enjoy using these, I always have one plugged in!

    Quick Specs

  • Sensor: Avago 3310 (Optical)
  • Size: 115x70x3mm
  • Grip Width: 5.5cm
  • Weight: 93g (without cable)
  • DPI: 100 – 5000 (+100)
  • Buttons: 7 (inc. DPI)