Roccat Kova Plus Review

About The Mouse:

There’s a Roccat 2016, but I don’t recommend either of these mice. Basically, the buttons on the side get in the way, the materials melt during summer, the mouse wheel feels too big, and worst of all … the shape is just uncomfortable. But I can aim really well with it and it does have some good points!

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LIKE: Good size, I can aim it really well, decent cable, buttons feels ok.

DISLIKE: Side buttons in the way, glues that melt during hot days, awkward shape.

Conclusion: It’s good but has issues, old now, probably not worth buying unless you can get it really cheap.

Quick Specs

  • Sensor: Optical
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Light
  • DPI: 3200
  • Buttons: 7