Tesoro Gram Review

Tesoro Gram Review

Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

About Keyboard

  • Size: Full
  • Lights: RGB
  • Media Keys: Function
  • Extras: Low Profile

  • Switches: Tesoro Blue or Red
  • Software: Yes
  • Board Design: Open
  • Ghosting / N-Key: Yes

General Thoughts:

Fairly high quality design, instantly liked it as soon as I took it out of the box. The detachable USB cable is a nice touch. I personally don’t see the advantage of low profile keys, but maybe some MOBA players can attest to their advantage or not. The main problem with the board is the ping sound upon key press. The metal plate might be causing that, I’m not sure. Other than that, definitely worth checking out if it’s the kind you want.

It’s also available in white! This is the black version.

Gram Black w/ Red

Gram Black w/ Blue

Gram White w/ Red

Gram White w/ Blue