Tips & Tricks


I’ve been playing First Person Shooters for over 20 years and I’m fairly competitive. I’ve gone through a lot of configurations, ideas, products and set ups, so this page is dedicated to the things I’ve learned. Some of it will apply to other game types, but it’s mostly for games like Quake, Counter Strike, DOOM and Overwatch.


  • DPI: 1600
  • Windows: 6/11
  • Sensitivity 0.9
  • Raw Input

* Windows 10, precision off, 1080p


Apparently higher DPI can add delay, I’m still not 100% on that, but 400 and 800 DPI are jittery, so I’m using 1600 DPI as a happy medium. It’s quite smooth but also seems just as responsive. More testing needed!


You can get used to most key configurations, but my best advice on this is to make sure you can do everything in the game without being hindered. Like, if you had BACK as C and you put STRAFE RIGHT as D, then you wouldn’t be able to move back and strafe right at the same time… because it’s the same finger.

Here’s my basic key configuration, and yes, it’s old school using mouse2 as forward, and using inverted mouse (like a fighter pilot, push the nose down to look down).

  • Move Forward – Mouse2
  • Move Backward – D
  • Move Left – S
  • Move Right – F
  • Jump – A
  • Duck – Z
  • Zoom – Space

If you want some explanation, watch this video!

I’ll add more tips and tricks later, this is a new section of the site, so check back in a month or so for updates, and hopefully there are some!

Until then, here is a Quake Live play list, includes tutorials…