Top 40

What you need to know…

I’m Zy, over 18 years playing Quake, reviewed over 60 mice. The list is based on my experience and community feedback. Everyone is different, so even the mouse at #40 could be your #1. Don’t stress the number. Find the right mouse for you!

If your mouse isn’t on the list, it’s either not a top recommendation or I haven’t reviewed it. This list will be updated as I get new mice.

Hand Size Guide

  • Small: Under 16.9cm / 6.6″
  • Medium: 17-19.5cm / 6.7-7.6″
  • Large: Over 19.6cm / 7.7″
Hand Size Guide
01 Logitech G403 Wired ML 90g(+10) Excellent FPS | MOBA
02 Zowie FK Series 2 or 1 | 1+ S | M | L 84g | 87g | 94g Very Good FPS
03 Zowie EC-A Series 2 or 1 M | L 95g | 98g Very Good FPS
04 SteelSeries Rival 310 ML 92g Excellent FPS | MOBA
05 Razer DeathAdder Elite L 96g Excellent FPS | MOBA
06 Zowie ZA Series S | M | L 84g | 86g | 90g Very Good FPS
07 SteelSeries Sensei 310 ML 96g Excellent FPS | MOBA
08 Logitech Pro | G102 / G203 S 85g Excellent FPS | MOBA
09 Finalmouse Scream One ML 85g Excellent FPS | MOBA
10 Logitech G403 Wireless or G703 ML 106g(+10) Excellent FPS | MOBA
11 Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye SM 88g Excellent FPS | MOBA
12 Ninox Venator SM 79g Excellent FPS | MOBA
13 Dream Machines DM1 Pro S M 84g Excellent FPS | MOBA
14 Nixeus Revel M 84g Excellent FPS | MOBA
15 Razer Lancehead TE ML 106g Excellent FPS | MOBA
16 SteelSeries Rival 300 ML 103g Very Good FPS | MOBA
17 Xtrfy M3 ML 105g Very Good FPS | MOBA
18 Razer DeathAdder Chroma L 99g Very Good FPS | MOBA
19 Roccat Kone Pure Military SM 95g Very Good FPS | MOBA
20 Logitech G900 or G903 ML 107g Excellent ALL
21 Razer Abyssus V2 SM 83g Quite Good FPS | MOBA
22 Cougar Minos X3 M 88g Very Good FPS | MOBA
23 Fnatic Flick G1 M 93g Quite Good FPS | MOBA
24 Cougar 450M M 96g Very Good FPS | MOBA
25 Asus Sica SM 84g Very Good FPS | MOBA
26 Corsair Glaive L 120g | 127g Excellent FPS | MOBA
27 Roccat Kiro SM 100g Good FPS | MOBA
28 Gigabyte XM300 L 100g Very Good FPS | MOBA
29 CM MasterMouse S SM 93g Excellent FPS | MOBA
30 HyperX Pulsefire L 94g Very Good FPS | MOBA
31 SteelSeries Rival 100 SM 92g Good FPS | MOBA
32 CM Alcor M 88g Good FPS | MOBA
33 Cougar 300M M 95g Good FPS | MOBA
34 Roccat Kone EMP L 117g Excellent ALL
35 Roccat Leadr L 129g Excellent MMO | MOBA
36 Cougar Revenger L 111g Excellent FPS | MOBA
37 Mionix Avior 7000 ML 104g Very Good FPS | MOBA
38 Mionix Castor M 99g Very Good FPS | MOBA
39 Corsair Sabre RGB L 99g Very Good FPS | MOBA
40 Asus ROG Gladius L 119g Very Good FPS | MOBA

Changes 01 August 2017

I’ve changed the order of the Top 40 a fair bit due to new information regarding build quality, availability and alternatives being added… for example, the DM1 Pro S and Revel are both still very good mice, but they drop down because the new Sensei 310 is going to be recommended more. That’s also the reason why the G403 and G703 wireless aren’t ranked higher… because the G403 wired is recommended more (it’s a higher recommendation because it’s lighter, not because of the wireless). The Scream One never fully escaped its issues, which is a shame because the shape, sensor and weight are deserving of a top rank. And as always, any mouse could be your number one, it really depends on your needs. The G900 / G903 is still my most used mouse, I only switch when I want to play Quake, yet it’s ranked at #20 now, so don’t let the numbers bother you, they’re a general guide.

Zy’s Personal Top 10

Games: FPS | Hand: 18.3x9cm
01. Zowie FK2 06. Logitech G102/203
02. Zowie EC2-A 07. Zowie ZA13
03. Ninox Venator 08. Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye
04. Logitech G303 09. CM MasterMouse S
05. Razer Abyssus V2 10. Logitech G403

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