What I Use


I have 2 main systems, one based on Intel and NVIDIA (gaming and streaming), the other AMD (editing and production). So I use 2 lots of products, but I would be happy to use either system for everything. That said, the Intel NVIDIA system performs better in every way I’ve tested.

In case you don’t watch the videos, these builds are using sponsored parts. Big thanks to Corsair, ASUS, Gigabyte, AMD, MWAVE, Western Digital and Seagate. Please be patient as I’m still getting my systems right and will do a set up tour once I have everything done. The peripherals are not sponsored, I have heaps and out of the ones I have, they’re what I choose to use. Also need to update that list, as I’m using a K70 Low Profile now instead of the K95. Still love the K95 RGB though! But Elgato Stream Deck + K70 LP = best for me.

Intel NVIDIA Build