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Sabre RGB Pro

General Thoughts

I've made it no secret I haven't been a fan of a fair few Corsair mice, so I admit, it took me way too long to look at these. My apologies. These belong on the Top Mice list and should be in your consideration if you're looking for a top tier large mouse, whether wired or wireless.

Great features, fairly low weight, decent cable or wireless, depending on version you get, good customization ... they have everything right, but how did they go with the shape? Well, it's a lot less niche than the original Sabre. It still has some slight flaring on the sides, giving it very slight skirts to keep your fingers from resting on the pad, but they're not big enough to prevent it if you really want to. Mouse design is subtle. If they make the shape too ergonomic, it can become unsafe. But if they just give us a rectangle, it won't be comfortable. I think they've struck a good balance and most people should be able to find a comfortable grip on it, depending on hand size, of course.

Really impressed with these mice, Corsair have done a great job, really good to see them levelling up like this. Worth a look!


Length 12.7cm | 5.0 inches
Grip Width 6cm | 2.36 inches
Height 4.24cm | 1.67 inches
Button Height 2.39cm | 0.94 inches
Weight 73g (0.96:1)
Buttons 6
Size Extra Large
Hump Width 5.97cm | 2.35 inches
Hump Position Middle
Sensor 3392
Cable Soft Braid
Shape Asymmetrical
Latency 0ms
Polling Rate 8000Hz
Side Buttons Left
Software Yes
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