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General Thoughts

This should be in your top consideration list if you're after a mouse for MMO or MOBA, and also want to play FPS casually. Comfortable, 3367 optical sensor, Omron switches and with a lot of buttons and functionality... the weight is a lot more than most competitive players like in First Person Shooters, but if you're mainly in MOBA/MMO and just play casually in FPS, then the weight is fine.


Size Large
Grip Width 7.1cm | 2.8 inches
Hump Width 5.68cm | 2.24 inches
Hump Position Middle
Length 11.5cm | 4.53 inches
Height 4.07cm | 1.6 inches
Weight 120g
Sensor 3367
Cable Stiff Braid
Shape Asymmetrical
Latency 4ms
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Buttons 17
Button Height 2.8cm
Side Buttons Left
Software No
Weight Ratio 1.47:1
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