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Endgame Gear


General Thoughts

Update: They put a really soft, flexible cable on the new copies along with an updated coat and improved feet, video - https://youtu.be/US0dYbMEw4w Looking for a SteelSeries Sensei 2.0? Does under 1ms anolog buttons really give an advantage? Is this top tier gaming mouse underrated? So much to talk about on the Endgame Gear XM1. I love this mouse, but because it's a first attempt, there are some issues. Nothing major but they are working on firmware to fix a few of them. Still waiting on that, so check back to this description for updates or my website. Overall pretty solid, definitely worth a look... top sensor, low latency and a very interesting shape. Good job to the Endgame Gear team! Hopefully we see that firmware update soon and a better cable on their next mouse.


Length 12.1cm | 4.76 inches
Grip Width 5.6cm | 2.2 inches
Height 3.7cm | 1.46 inches
Button Height 1.9cm | 0.75 inches
Weight 71g (1.05:1)
Buttons 5
Size Medium
Hump Width 6.2cm | 2.44 inches
Hump Position Middle
Sensor 3389
Cable Medium Rubber
Shape Symmetrical
Latency 1ms
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Side Buttons Left
Software Yes
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