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Hati S Ace

General Thoughts

If you are familiar with the Logitech G Pro Wireless or G-Wolves Hati M, you'll have a decent idea of this mouse, but it's not down sized like you would expect. It's like a "scooched" up version of it. The grip width is thinner, the length is shorter, but the height is the same. I find this a strange decision because I think it would feel better if they scaled the height with the rest of the measurements.

It's not a bad mouse shape, still quite good to use, but I feel like they designed this with math rather than feeling, so they probably could've made it better. But until someone actually makes a properly scaled G Pro Wireless clone, I guess we won't know for sure.

Solid mouse in all the other ways, low weight, good features, top sensor, etc. Great choice for those looking for a smaller G Pro Wireless type mouse.


Length 11.3cm | 4.45 inches
Grip Width 5.44cm | 2.14 inches
Height 4cm | 1.57 inches
Button Height 2.22cm | 0.87 inches
Weight 51g (0.83:1)
Buttons 5
Size Small
Hump Width 5.6cm | 2.2 inches
Hump Position Middle
Sensor 3389
Cable Soft Braid
Shape Symmetrical
Latency 4ms
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Side Buttons Left
Software Yes
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