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G303 Shroud

General Thoughts

I started my review career with the Logitech G302. Why? Because I had been using a DeathAdder for 5 years and KNEW that I had aimed better in the past. So I went searching for a smaller mouse and the G302 was the only good one that I could see at the time (how things change!).

It would've been nice to get a 1:1 remake of the G303 but wireless, but this isn't it. They've altered the dimensions in such a way that the angles are now more aggressive, and I don't think that's a good thing. It's going to make the shape even more polarizing. Might be really good for some people though, so that's a plus.

So, as always, it's up to you to find what you like. This is just my preference. If you find you do like the idea of the changes, then all the usual Logitech Wireless goodness applies, this is a great mouse, as you'd expect from Logitech.


Length 11.7cm | 4.61 inches
Grip Width 5.62cm | 2.21 inches
Height 3.97cm | 1.56 inches
Button Height 2.2cm | 0.87 inches
Weight 73g (1.11:1)
Buttons 6
Size Medium
Hump Width 5.4cm | 2.13 inches
Hump Position Middle
Sensor Hero
Cable Wireless
Shape Symmetrical
Latency 1ms
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Side Buttons Left
Software Yes
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