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X2H Mini

General Thoughts

Some light weight wireless, top tier gaming mice from Pulsar, great to see. Size 1 (the mouse on this page, the mini) actually suits me pretty well (18x9cm hands) so I didn't have any trouble aiming with them. Size 2 is a bit big, so if your hands are bigger, that's the one to look at. No adjustment period either, very used to this kind of design already, but as always, if they're a new size/shape, be sure to give them about 2 to 3 weeks for your hand to settle. That said, these are pretty standard shapes so should be ok.

Some quality concerns, I've heard quality control is a bit iffy, but for the most part, they were fine for me. Just a little concern on the buttons and the wheel on the X2H is terrible for scroll jumping, too many limbo jumps in Apex Legends (or any game that we use the wheel to jump with).

Update: Got a replacement copy of the X2H mini and the scroll seems fine, so yeah might have just been defective on the original copy. It happens.


Length 11.5cm | 4.53 inches
Grip Width 5.5cm | 2.17 inches
Height 3.67cm | 1.44 inches
Button Height 1.76cm | 0.69 inches
Weight 52g (0.82:1)
Buttons 5
Size Small
Hump Width 5.6cm | 2.2 inches
Hump Position Back
Sensor 3395
Cable Wireless
Shape Symmetrical
Latency 3ms
Polling Rate 4000Hz
Side Buttons Left
Software Yes
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