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Xlite V3 S3

General Thoughts

If you've used a Razer DeathAdder V3, this is like that but with some Zowie EC2 flair on the front area. Great shape, especially if you're looking for a mouse aimed more toward comfort and the natural (horizontal) shape of the hand. The button height is a bit high, so I don't think aim is quite as good with these, but I hear they're better for some people who suffer from hand pain, so definitely worth a look if you're experiencing that with the other mice.

Everything is pretty solid, Pulsar make some great mice, so here's another for the top mice list! Button heights are 2.3 and 2.37, so I set it as 2.4 as the balance. A little higher than I'd like, but still good. And the review is for Size 2, but the measurements are updated for Size 3 on this page.


Length 12.6cm | 4.96 inches
Grip Width 6.03cm | 2.37 inches
Height 4.35cm | 1.71 inches
Button Height 2.3cm | 0.91 inches
Weight 58g (0.76:1)
Buttons 5
Size Large
Hump Width 5.35cm | 2.11 inches
Hump Position Middle
Sensor 3395
Cable Wireless
Shape Symmetrical
Latency 4ms
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Side Buttons Left
Software Yes
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