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Prime Plus

General Thoughts

If you've used a Zowie EC2 and Fnatic Clutch, you'll have a bit of an understanding of how this mouse feels. It's actually pretty nice, I had fun playing with it. Doesn't quite have the modern advancements of the Aerox, but maybe they're not targeting us mouse enthusiasts anymore because our sales aren't as high? I don't know. But even for us, this could be a decent option. There is something about the EC type shape that does work well for aim.

Very nice cable too and they treat it beautifully in the box! All nice and wrapped around some cardboard. Very unlikely you'll see any breaks, unlike Glorious mice that seem to think folding cables is ok still (it isn't, wires break).

Definitely worth a look if you're after a transition mouse before going extreme aim potential with ultra light weight mice.


Length 12.4cm | 4.88 inches
Grip Width 5.8cm | 2.28 inches
Height 4.13cm | 1.63 inches
Button Height 2.18cm | 0.86 inches
Weight 74g (1.03:1)
Buttons 2
Size Medium
Hump Width 6.08cm | 2.39 inches
Hump Position Middle
Sensor TrueMove Pro
Cable Soft Braid
Shape Asymmetrical
Latency 4ms
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Side Buttons Left
Software Yes
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