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General Thoughts

Top sensor, low weight, flexible cable, amazing scroll wheel, great buttons, RGB lights... on paper this is in the Top 10 of 2019, easily. But the shape has an extreme curve on the thumb side and a pretty big curve on the right side too. That makes it unsafe. What does that mean? It means while it could be number 1 for a lot of people out there, it's hard to know who to recommend it to. I've heard mixed reports. Some say they hate the shape. Others say they love it. Personally, I'm not a fan. So I'm not sure who to recommend it to. I'm really happy to see Xtrfy step up with a mouse like this though. If they ever make a shape I like, I'm sure I'll be putting it high on the Top Mice list. Until then, it's up to you... is it the type of mouse you like?


Length 12cm | 4.72 inches
Grip Width 5.62cm | 2.21 inches
Height 3.93cm | 1.55 inches
Button Height 2.1cm | 0.83 inches
Weight 70g (1.04:1)
Buttons 5
Size Medium
Hump Width 5.3cm | 2.09 inches
Hump Position Middle
Sensor 3389
Cable Soft Braid
Shape Asymmetrical
Latency 1ms
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Side Buttons Left
Software No
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