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MZ1 Wireless

General Thoughts

A few years ago, Xtrfy gave me the opportunity to design my own mouse. It was experimental, we wanted something new on the market. And from that, some people found they could aim a lot better with it (me included). That was the MZ1, Zy's Rail, and amazingly, even some pros began to main it. Now Xtrfy have made it even better by adding a replaceable back, so you can now choose to use either high back or low back. Despite originally designing it with the high back, I actually prefer using it with the low back. Very cool feature. If you get one, give both a try, see which you prefer.

We've also changed the default top button key (F11) to Page Down. If you have the wired copy, you can download the firmware update from the product page on Xtrfy's website to make it Page Down too.

So, here we are, the MZ1, made even better and also wireless. Hope you like it!

Note: Low back height is 3.35cm, high back is 3.65cm


Length 11.1cm | 4.37 inches
Grip Width 5.25cm | 2.07 inches
Height 3.35cm | 1.32 inches
Button Height 1.82cm | 0.72 inches
Weight 61g (1.05:1)
Buttons 6
Size Extra Small
Hump Width 5.59cm | 2.2 inches
Hump Position Back
Sensor 3370
Cable Wireless
Shape Asymmetrical
Latency 2ms
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Side Buttons Left
Software No
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